I'm glad you're here, because it means you're ready to show up to your best life.

      Just like I showed up to mine.

      Shirley Zhou guides leaders under high pressure achieve work life harmony and self confidence.


      Shirley is the Founder of Powerful Self Co. and Co-Founder of The Burnout Clinic. She is a Child and Youth Care Practitioner, Registered Yoga Teacher, Certified Nutritionist and a student of life. She has a PhD. in Playfulness.


      As a Board Certified Integrative NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Coach, Master Practitioner of NLP, Mental and Emotional Release® Therapy and Hypnosis, her coaching is rooted in self-empowerment.


      We all have what we need within ourselves, whether we can reach it or not. Subsequently, we each have the responsibility for our own responses whether it's driven with intention or in the deep unconscious level. With the combination of leadership training, coaching, understanding of individual values interaction with their environment she will guide you to achieve work-life harmony and supercharge you with practical self-empowerment tools you to live your joy.

    • Let me start from the Beginning...

      I started coaching after experiencing my own breakthrough on my own journey of personal growth and leadership training. As a teen, I was a shy girl, very withdrawn and often in my shell. I had lots to offer but my lack of self-confidence held me back. After over a decade of personal and professional development, journeys of self-discovery, numerous leadership and empowerment trainings I broke free from limiting beliefs from childhood, owning my past and feeling confident from the inside out. And now I'm shining brighter than ever before! I'm a mission to guide women on their SELF-EMPOWERMENT JOURNEY TO LIVE THEIR JOY. I'm on a journey to help other women overcome their stories and past and make their wildest dreams their new reality.


      I recognize the challenges women business owners, such as myself, experience in balancing their careers and life. While being a badass lady boss, creating financial abundance, positive mental well-being, meaningful work, and a fulfilling romantic relationship. There are many inevitable demands in our day to day lives and it's no wonder most of my clients are women. Many are struggling with common feelings of being overwhelmed, self-doubt, increased levels of anxiety. These are rooted in our past, struggling with our own inner critic, and "imposter syndrome." These internal struggles present themselves in self-sabotaging behaviours, cycles of burnout and repeated patterns in life.




      Do Good

      Through care, we build relationships to connect on a human level, to give back to human-kind & planet.



      Starting with ourselves, we are responsible for our own well-being and happiness, to do our own work to be our best Self.


      Integrative & Wholeness

      It's our compass, we know what brings us joy, we just need tools to discover it, and courage to live it.


      Positive Mental Health

      To grow through what you go through, to be resilient, humble and always a student.


      Emotional Resilience

      Have the courage to take the step that you don't know what the outcome would be but still trusting your intuition and it's meant for you.


      Connect & Community

      We have to work together to elevate, connect and great things will happen. Take a moment to connect with each other, this very moment is unique.

    • Have courage to take the first step.

      You have courage to change your life,
      combine it with effective tools and experienced guide.
      Change can be easy, can't it? That's right.
      Reach emotional resilience, positive mental health
      and live your joy.... NOW! Let’s do this!

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