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      I'm Shirley, a mindset coach, and I'm your guide on the journey to living your most empowered, joyful and fulfilling life.

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      The purpose of life is to find our gift.

      The meaning of life is to share it with the world!

      1:1 COACHING

      Break free from negative cycles of anxiety, overwhelm, imposter syndrome, self-doubt, burnout and stale relationships.


      Learn effective tools to self-empowerment.


      Take control of your change now and achieve goals in alignment with your values. Level up your career or relationship and feel confident to live your joy.


      Supercharge your career, relationship and self-confidence. Experience deep level change and personal transformation with a Breakthrough Session now.
      Integrative method to systematically release deep-rooted unconscious limiting beliefs, internal conflicts, and emotional triggers that is perpetuating the cycles.
      This requires more info/education before this, clients don't know what is "breakthrough"


      Attend on of our workshops to start building your mindset toolkit, and experience how change can happen quickly.


      Move this to elsewhere, stealing $ from coaching

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      Welcome, I'm Shirley

      What is Coaching?

      Founder of Powerful Self Co.

      Co-Founder of The Burnout Clinic

      And while I'm living a joyous life, believe me when I say it hasn't been a smooth road in arriving here. My life has been filled with challenges, setbacks, spinning in circles and obstacles - just like yours. I believe that with the right perspective, support and action, you will breakthrough to meet life's challenges with intention, tenacity and purpose.


      We all have what we need within ourselves, it's whether we can reach it or not. When you're feeling stuck, lost or unmotivated you need more than courage. You need a coach.


      Life is circular, and we often find ourselves repeating the same patterns or reliving the same themes over and over. When this happens, you have two choices: you can either get stuck and dissolve into complacency, or choose to do the deep work to evolve into the brilliant, purpose-based life you were made for. Make no mistake, this growth doesn't happen by accident. It takes bravery, courage, determination, a willingness to do the work and to invest in having the right person in your corner.

    • "THE BREAKTHROUGH SESSION expedited my personal work, shift out what no longer served my journey. It not only helped identify known and unknown blocks on current daily levels, but it allowed me to go to the root source to remove and release past present and future triggers. Shirley as a practitioner is focused, patient, empathic and very astute, helping identify blocks by digging deeper gently and non-invasively. Showing gratitude and appreciation for genuine earnest truths working with me to isolate pull out and heal."

      - Suzannah Chanderbhan
      Yoga Teacher & Master Reiki Practitioner



      If you’ve never had a transformative experience with a coach, allow me to be your first.

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      Stop the Self-Sabotage. 4 steps for sustainable change.



      Releasing our past to remove our limiting beliefs, negative emotions such as fear, to propel us into the next level.



      Before we start going anywhere we need to know where we're headed, else we'll be spinning in circles.



      We can do all the work that's holding you back, derailing you from your path but unless YOU take action towards where you want to go. I can't do this for you.



      What you focus on, you get more of. Focus on the goal, regardless of the obstacles.

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